Our "finder"

James is our "finder" he also loves finding fish:)

We always seem to be loosing things, one shoe, a notebook, a beloved plastic ring, a green shoelace that brings good luck and of course Daddy's keys and phone.

In our family James seems to be designated as the guy who finds everything. He must have a bit of a visual memory, maybe this goes hand in hand with an affinity towards math?

He also always notices things when we are out an about, the only one to actually find money on the ground (even if it is right in front of our noses:) and notices if we drop something. This skill comes in handy in a big busy family.

Yesterday we were in a frantic scramble to find one of Daisy's ballet slippers for those of you who know Daisy, you know the slipper is a wee bit bigger than a doll shoe so the mission to find it was feeling dire at 5pm when she had to be in class at 5:15. Sure enough James sized up the room and it took him 30 seconds to find it. And no he had not hidden it, I had pulled him out of the garage where he was filming his brothers rip sticking endeavors, so he wanted to find it quickly. The rare times he can't find something he turns back to tried and true...praying to Saint Anthony. We have a wooden kneeler in our home and I love to see the children pop on it for a quick check in, saying a Hail Mary to calm down, praying to Saint Christopher before a trip to the park:), and often taking time to themselves in a spot they know I will protect from siblings . This week I asked James if he minded sharing what he was praying about he told me he was praying to Saint Anthony after miss placing his ball glove. He did subsequently find it...in his brothers ball bag.


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