Annie Girl

Annie 3 years old
I decided each of the kids should have a blog page, and if we go in age order Annie is the slightly older 9 year old in our family:) When Annie came home from Russia she was a baby girl underdog. She needed open heart surgery, corrective ear surgery and had not yet walked by 14 months. Watching her grow, heal and explore the world has been a joy.

In this last year Annie has really come into herself. We have a buddy system in our family, a very cool system that allows for leadership and effective time management with a big group. Annie's buddy is baby Lucy. Her devotion to her baby sister is beautiful. This also translated into spending more time with mom in the last six months, asking questions about being a parent, nursing and other choices I have made along the way.
Mom, Annie 5 & baby Daisy 2m Summer  2007

For her 9th birthday Annie was able to go horseback riding for the first time and her instructor said she is truly a natural. Her Dad and I find it fascinating that the region from Russia where she was adopted raised horses and reindeer (yes really) as a main stay in the economy. Maybe she has it in her blood, what a cool gift! We look forward (with immense help and support from my mother, GrandmaBoo) to supporting this love of riding.

Opening gifts, 3years old
Helping set up our garage sale, 9years old
At times it can be hard to hear Annie, we are working on her using a "big" voice before she gets too frustrated. She loves to go read and actually has her own bedroom with a bookcase FULL of books. Soon Daisy and Lucy will be joining her but for now her room is books and horse magazines. I look forward to watching Annie grow into herself!
Annie 7


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