Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mom why don't we have any food!

Mickey to me: Mom we don't have any food, WHY don't we have any food?
Mom: Mick we have food
Mickey: We don't have FOOD food, only like the parts that make food
Mom: Mick you guys EAT all the food, you know...
A gleam enters my eye, Mickey backs up calling for reinforcements
Mickey: Ah, guys Mom looks weird. GUYS! Mom is coming up with a project, or a job or SOMETHING
Mom: You guys should really learn how to cook! So when you are hungry you say Viola! I can cook!
John: Viola? Like we are Spanish
James: No numbskull French, Mom seriously I can't cook with him!
Mom: Ah, ha! But you WILL cook!
James hedging a bit now realizing he agreed to cook puts Mark squarely in front of him self and responds "Mark can't cook! He'd hurt himself. He is really small"
Mark: I am not small! I am huge like a Tiger.
Mark roars ferociously, Lucy claps from one rug away where Daisy is playing Barbies. Lucy goes back to eating the barbies hair and coughing intermediately. SHE should probably eat something other than Barbie hair too. Annie enters into the foray
Annie: We can make macaroni and cheese but I don't know how to make like a snack.
Nate: Lets make fruit snacks! Do they have glue in them?
James: Ha! I am telling Grandma Boo that you made us eat glue!
Mom: Nobody is eating glue! No Nate fruit snacks are not made with glue, well maybe a little glue but you may not eat glue EVER, Ok?
Nate shrugs non committally still figuring out a mental fruit snack recipe. Daisy pipes up "You all know I can cook, mom teached me everything because you guys have to go to school" Everyone is getting distracted, paper airplanes are being folded, a comic is opened, someone is braiding my hair. I feel like we had a semi family meeting that turned into a hippy convention.
Mom: sigh. Lets go make some bread.
Everyone agrees they love bread, pumpkin is the fave. Now everyone wants to crack the eggs, there are only 4 eggs and 7 willing volunteers. Mickey wanders off to the pantry.
Mom: Mick do you want to help?
Mickey: No Mom I want some FOOD!
The kids made a cake in honor of a feast day for Mary, a few years back that is baby Daisy:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pepito over Diego any day

I just found my now very cold coffee precariously balanced on a stack of Dora and Madeline books. Those two types really shouldn't be stacked together. The Dora books I detest reading, the Madeline I love to read. But that is the stack of motherhood, the parts I adore, rhythm, rhyme, beauty, fun and the parts I detest, too bright primary colors, false cheerfulness, materialism and the whining. OK so those don't ALL encapsulate poor Dora but still she is just too glossy and her head is just so big. My coffee is cold but I can brew a new pot. My list of to does makes me feel a little fuzzy around the productive edges and my baby just figured out steps. Back to that brew a new pot, off to do that and tackle the day. Hope you have a bit more Madeline than Dora today:)
A cozy photo I love

Monday, October 17, 2011

Do we have one named Danny?

Moments this week....

At dinner this week as we were doing our highlights and low lights, James excitedly shared the latest news from 5th grade drama. "It was crazy guys, Danny* got sent to the principles office 4 times in one day!" Everyone is properly aghast until Sheff chimes in, "well why the heck did he do that? Doesn't he know he needs to represent the family? Set a good example for younger ones? Show self control in the classroom" We are all watching him perplexed.  A slightly uncomfortable silence. Sheff clears in throat, "huh, we don't have one named Danny do we?" We all shake our heads smiles forming. James responds blithely "Dad, I will be sure to tell Dan he needs to represent our family from now on". Sheff chagrinned laughs.

As many know Mark cut his hair last week. To my credit it was not on my watch he came home from school with a lightning bolt cut directly front and center. We buzzed him, he was upset. The cool, odd thing is once buzzed we noticed he has a perfect arrow part on the top of his head, having never been fully buzzed before he is delighting in his Avatar status and claiming super powers. Nothing as powerful as Daisy's cooking prowess but super none the less. He is the leader of all Lions, he runs the cozy blanket club in his room and the king of the playground at school. I miss his hair. A lot. But it will grow back. He told me sweetly "Mom I will be your little blond guy again soon but right now I am Avatar king of the cozy blankets".

Lucy has started crawling. She goes this way and that, finding bits of string so siblings jump and grab it, tiny pieces of paper that look delectable just past the pillow and a tiny ball two steps up. Each adventure she has someone next to her giving encouragement ready to grab her or an unknown edible object if necessary. What a wonderful house to be a baby in! I love watching them watch her, the way they all take pride in her firsts. Daisy plays with her gently teaching her songs and Lucy claps along. I just love this phase and everything sweet about it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cooking for Spite

Daisy often helps me with cooking when the bigs are at school. Today as we were making bread dough for pizza she asked me "Do you know why I love to help you cook mom?" I smiled and drifted away to thoughts of her valedictorian speech in college, things about her loving mother and the smells that make up childhood. She brought me back to the task at hand with "Because of the HA!" I looked at her perplexed "The Ha?" I asked. She nodded sagely handing Lucy back her raw cucumber we use for teething biscuits and replied "Yes the Ha! Like I was a big green guy with Daddy muscles and jump them and say Ha! I can make food and you were at school and YOU can't make food, HA!" My fantasies are dwindling down and I remember I ought to pick up that book on sibling rivalry I recently put on hold at the library. I ask with trepidation "So, big green guy, like the hulk? And Ha, as in Ha Ha?" She nods pushing tiny fists purposefully into the dough and replies "Yep I have super powers and the big kids had to go to school. So ha ha in your face I can COOK!" Ah yes, lovely just the childhood mother daughter memory I was going for. We did get the dough done, and even a few pizzas made, Ha!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our baby is better than a bike!

I am cute, adorable, lively and sweet. Really I am, even at 2 am I still get cuddles. When anyone has a hard day I give a smile, pat a back, gurgle. I do seem to eat all things, especially paper but we are working on it. I clap my hands and pee in diapers you can wash right in your washing machine. My folks haven't actually been in a Toys R Us but I think I am way better than anything you can find to entertain kids. I can even take a bath in the sink, see? This was motivated by my big brother saying "we have the best baby ever, I think she is better than my bike!" Yes I trump 2 wheelers too.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is my image for today. As I run around navigating preschool, cafeteria duty, football practice, adoption advocacy paperwork and the daily chores of life this image is a burst of breath. I tell my kids that stress is simply energy if used correctly. Let what worries you turn into fuel for something better, more meaningful. Often its physical, bringing a friendship issue onto the field or court. Allowing a bad dream to turn into an amazing drawing or story. Sometimes a fight can weave its way into a make believe game for the little ones. And through the bluster of our daily worries and responsibilities comes new life, new ideas and fresh moments. I find an image, a prayer, a song can bring peace to a busy mind. So today my image is of the rainy coast of Maine. You are welcome to share mine for today, and I hope your worry turns into something better than anticipated.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A tidy house might be overrated

Lucy in front of a daily pile of laundry
I have decided it is OK for the house not to be perfect. I just asked M to straighten the blocks as I write this so I might be a bit off base but overall I am trying to let go a bit more on the household ambiance. I still try to keep clothes put away and the front room and kitchen tidy before I sleep. I have decided forts can be left up overnight, animal zoos left for playing with after school and clean diapers left on the bed for future folding. I have more fun hearing about a school story or having Daisy teach me ballet moves than vacuuming and washing the windows seems to happen a couple times a week rather than a couple times a day (as is actually needed, imagine 16 hands you get the idea). Sheff woke up early the other day and announced that life is short and we need to enjoy each day more fully. I squinted open one eye and wondered if an odd alien reversal had happened when we were sleeping. Usually I am the one with the lists and ideas and annoyingly peppy demeanor at 7am, what if my husband took on this persona? I wasn't sure how I would like it. But as luck would have it Sheff's epiphany has led to a "man cave" in the garage equipped with a new lat pull down machine and the desire to gain lots of pounds of muscle. I am not longer worried we switched personas. But I have decided to let up on the perfectionist leanings. I will make sure the house is tidy and kept up but I will put off vacuuming for a good story, let wash go an extra day and have a stack of papers on the counter at all times. Life is precious, kids grow fast, husbands build man caves and I don't want to miss any of it.