Mick & Mark

Mick & Mark

Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthday cake wishes

Little Deirdre & Mother, Nor circa 1982
We went to Lake Johanna beach today and I realized how much FUN our kids are. Summer is such a sweet time because we are all together and get to share the mishaps, adventures and daily tribulations that turn into family lore. On the way walking home from our car( major construction, built in daily walks to get home) James slid on some dirt and it was like the watermelon fumble in Dirty Dancing, he was up, he was down, sideways and he saved the bag! We were all in stitches and I realized how grateful I am that our budget does not allow for a nanny.

Having to work together is not always easy. This morning I got to tennis without coffee and one of the eight in tears over hidden shoes, but we recovered. They made up an elements game that someone is fire, water, earth and so on, like a combination of Avatar and rock paper scissors. They made sure to include Lucy who had mamas milk powers. Overhearing the development of the game is a piece of my day, a piece of summer memories. Seeing these kids explore the world as a unit is fascinating.

As an only child each of my birthday cakes I wished for a sibling, really truly I did, sometimes prayers are answered on a time table other than our own. These busy summer days, making up games, watermellon dances, beach time and baby Lucy's toes touching the water for the first time make me feel as each birthday cake of childhood held the promise of my future family.

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