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Water the Simple Cure

The kids are all home for the summer and seem to always have a need or a question for me. As I was brainstorming creative ideas I realized so many of my responses have to do with...water! How lucky we are to have fresh water to drink and to play in. So simple, but so true water is the number one cure all advice that comes from the Otis mom. Feeling sick Go drink a big glass of water! Athletic performance (learned from Sheff) Hydrate! Drink a full pint glass of water before your game, practice or event. Cleaning i.e. Mom I can't get this clean! Soak it! Let it soak, put a little water on it and come back it will scrape right off. Fun in the summer Go run through the hose, go drink from the hose or bike to the pool! Sadness Take a bath and drink some water, a little lavender oil in the bath and hugs afterwards Hosting/being a friend Offer someone a cup of tea or water if they are over Injury Wash it off and keep it clean Faith Always be thirsty, strive to lear