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Leaving the Blues, Enjoying the Sun

Having pulled out of a four day funk last week I am amazed at how rarely I feel actually overwhelmed. Honestly last week was more about feeling underwhelmed. The lack of things to do, the lack of motivation on my part or the kids and the lack of a fun spark to break the mundane created a stressful pressure cooker without a release valve. So what did we do to shake things up? I asked for a little help from my friends. I am doing a trade this week, signed up for a few days of school day camp half day and prioritized getting adult time. For the trades I take kids here T/Th and my friend has them M/W, we swap back at noon sometimes sharing lunch. With the school camp program we are swapping roughly the same numbers and it is a fabulous way to get a handle on life. I also got out, amen, hallelujah. I made it to weekly Mass for a holy day, took the kids to park dates and got out for a girls night. I have no desire to be a martyr, I love working hard but no judgment when I need to play

Irish Angels

My own little Irish Angel Woke up to Lucy having figured out how to get out of her crib. She sat on my tummy and gave me a kiss. Have to admit it made me laugh and I was already on the right side of bed for the day. Having only 4 kids home this Saturday feels like a welcome ease. Hot cocoa, cinnamon rolls and mom's beloved coffee. The sun is out, the kids are playing and I know there is a good book to read I just have to find it. In Ireland when I was there as a child I remember walking outside Trinity College and seeing a quote similar to this one, must have been carved in a bench or on the wall. I just remember thinking it was so simple and I loved it. I went to sleep imagining angels with thick Irish accents playing outside the door, ready to whisk me to safety if a boogyman arrived. Now I keep it written down for when I need a shot of good cheer. May you always walk in sunshine. May you never want for more. May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door

Need to Get My Perky Back

As a general rule, I wear coffee infused glasses. I see the caffeinated side of life. Sure it is possible, well why not? A recipe with week old veggies could be fabulous! Invite the other kids over, we can beat the Duggars for the day. I am sure I can handle that, and so on. Most days things wash and I am not peed on. Read on to see the details. This is one of those days when the recipe did not turn out, the clothes washer and the dishwasher broke  and I had lucky charms for dinner. The kids & DH had spaghetti and meatballs which I always forget is one of the messiest clean ups known to a kitchen floor, sigh. This was not a prize winning day. How are other moms handling these long summer days ? The kids are happy & healthy, but I am struggling to stay upbeat & creative as August arrived. My workouts need a kick in the booty, I am not finding time to read and I am doing a terrible job seeing friends enough. I usually don't complain much, my closest friends can atte