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Barbie Church, Green 12 Step Programs & 26 bones in the foot

Life has been so busy lately I thought I would share some levity:) Here are some quotes I have jotted down from the mouths of Otis babes. M: Mom I used self control today! Mom: Oh honey I am so proud of you! What happened? M: I choose not to kiss the wall! J: Did you know there are 26 bones you can break in your foot? Mom: What? Why? Whose foot did you break? (no one broke a bone it was just to raise my blood pressure apparently) N: Is it OK for D's Barbies to go on dates if the only place they go on the dates is to Church? (He shows me the church he has made from blocks and a broken crucifix and a scantily dressed Barbie making eyes at a Beach babe Ken. Neither looks pious despite their surroundings) J: I really like red foods. Mom: That's weird thing to say J: No, you really like green food like spinach & that drink you drink. I like catchup, twizzlers and those red chips. Mom: Well, my green deal is about health. J: Yup! That might be your problem mom.

Spring Break Snap Shots

Swimming! Our Hotel overnight was a blast The weather! It was a glimpse of summer, sweaty happy kids & BBQ in the air Family time! The kids made forts, played rope tug of war, amazing chalk art and really enjoyed their time together. OK so J & J tried to beat each other senseless but some habits die hard:) Lucy's first arcade with a St Patrick's Day Daddy We had a truly wonderful spring break. We made it through the dentist 8 kids one cavity (not good but statistically impressive), we did a hotel overnight with 9 kids an no tears. Gland slam was a hit, especially the laser tag and Sheff managed to actually work enough to keep in the game during a busy week. Our play date on Friday was 26 kids at the peak and it went very smoothly. Homemade pizzas were a fun activity and everyone ate!! Church on Sunday everyone was a little fidgety to get back into the sunshine but it was a good reminder we are still in Lent, the time of renewal. Not to late to get things i

Spring Break

Spring Break! Sunday was the perfect kick off with near 70 degree weather. The sidewalk chalk came out, bike tires were re pumped with air and rip sticks were extracted from a pile of underused sleds. Kids made forts, climbed sappy trees and acquired as many mud stains as possible. We gathered after dinner on the rug, edge of the couch, upside down on the ottoman to outline our break. Daisy telling Lucy about all the fun we are going to have over Spring Break! All the kids had a chance to share what they wanted for break. A fun meal, an activity, a play date and crafts. We are headed overnight to a water park hotel midweek (great rates!) that has an indoor park and arcade. We have a Grand Slam night scheduled with dear friends. We are going to go to Arty Pants at the Walker Art Center and date to take a turn around Como lake on as many wheels as possible. The goal at Como is to not take out innocent bystanders. We are having a play date party, where the kids get to invite frien


Storm coming in off the sea,  Maine. Terce I live my life in growing orbits Which move out over things of the world. Perhaps I can never achieve the last, but that will be my attempt. I am circling around God, the ancient tower, and I have been circling for a thousand years, and I still don't know if I am a falcon, or a storm, or a great song. ~ Rilke Taken from The Soul of the World, A Modern Book of Hours Sometimes it is good to fall to other people to articulate a place of prayer, this Lent I am having a harder time connecting to the passages and Rilke's image of circling felt right. We are about to enter into holiday for the kids and I need to be a centered, creative mama. I am searching for that feeling after a huge storm, energized and refreshed.

Spring Snapshots in Years Past

 2008 when Daisy was our new walker and her shoes joined the boots that spring First spring walk of 2011, Daisy had just cut her own bangs Lucy 1 year ago! This year will feel like a season of firsts. Sheff going for a run in the days of 6 under 6 Markie 18m telling us the hand me  down boots were a bit too pink Maple Syrup Spring 2009 A root beer keg! Christoforides Easter party 2008

Dancing Around the House

Dancing at a wonderful wedding after Daisy was born, we had 7 under 8 at this point in our family. That is little Annie, Preschooler Nate and Big Baby Mark. Yesterday I danced for a hour, kids joined in, peeled off, asked for snacks but I kept it up and it was a great workout. Needing motivation to eat well, exercise, drink water and be an overall balanced person can take a little brainstorming. Sheff and I both go in patterns of what works, what does not. When he gets in Triathlon shape he is at his fittest. After my first birth we did Body For Life as a couple. The best part was the intense 20 min sessions that really worked. At this phase I find long walks, dancing and relatively good food choices makes the most difference. After Lucy I set the goal to find more energy and fit into a pair of jeans I stuck in the closet. It helped to look at them after long nights up with the baby and long days managing all the kids. Gave me a little jolt of motivation. My new goals this m