Getting Ready for the trip!

Well today I was all set to go run some last min errands and ....we are blocked in with TAR TRUCKS! Talk about being able to roll with it. I looked out keys in hand and Mickey looked at me and said "Might be time for a Hail Mary huh?" I couldn't help but laugh they know me well. So we are doing everything we can to get things set here and I will use Sheff's truck, he will park at the church at the end of our street, to run out for last minute things tonight.

The Otis Kids in front of the trucks paving our street

The kids helped make their own canvas bags for the trip. We purchased the bags for $2.50 each and then used cloth paint markets. They loved the activity and will all get a new book and some special prizes in their bag for the trip.

John 9

Annie 9

Nate 7

James 11

Mickey 8

Daisy 4

Mark 5

Each child has their own travel book to fill with facts, pictures and postcards to make their forever book!

Lucy eating solids, a big new step for our sweet girl.


  1. And a huge thanks to Ty & others who are staying here and manning the fort while we are away, glad to have someone here and for doing basement work!!!


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