Pandemic Part Two, Adjustments.

Where we were in March and where we are today has evolved. 

Sure there are great things, we all feel some of those. More time together, slower pace, perspective and pause. The flip side can be really painful. Isolation, feeling underwater, fear of the future, disconnection to loved ones and the list goes on. 

Yesterday after a day that had foster care lows, disconnection from our oldest that I know I am not managing well, and frozen pizzas (with lots of jalapeños) for dinner, we needed a re boot. As a family we brainstormed some ideas to get us out of the "pandemic slump" that we have fallen into. We re wrote the chore chart to update days that work for the 7 living at home, we deep cleaned seasonal spaces to get out winter gear for skating, sledding and indoor space for skateboarding. We sorted things to donate and recycle. We washed and folded all the left over items that were used for our foster daughter that left, said a prayer over the pile, and put them in a bin. We took turns helping with out current placement and playing with David. And overall we all shared where we were, some good, some not so good. 

We spend a lot of time as a family praying, talking and playing. We try to serve others together, work together, sometimes workout together. For this to be smooth we spend time dealing with the things that come up. Hopefully creating a culture where it is Ok, to not be Ok. Distance learning is working well for some, and not for others. It feels impossible to navigate all the changes and choices and electronics. 

Today we were late to Church, I promise we try to be on time. But in we roll, nine to a dozen of us, at 9:07. We are distanced, masked and respectful. But as we sat, I reflected in part to a great sermon about making way for Advent, on how to shake off the gray days and make room for light. After Church we threw together breakfast (2 dozen eggs, 20 rolls with cinnamon butter and canned peaches) and then laced up our skates to enjoy the lake. We will have good and bad days, we will do our best to navigate choices and options and try to stay on top of this new way of being in the world. We will adjust and evolve, and fail as often as we succeed. 

My goal is to enjoy as much time as I can as a family. Get out of my head, my worry. Get out of the house and play. So today I went skating. 

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22


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