Our own "Johnny" Cash, John-Luke

Our own Johnny Cash, John-Luke loves guitar
and listening to Country and Gospel Music
John-Luke 3 years old Christmas

Daddy with John 3, Annie 3& Mickey 2

John-Luke has really come into himself in the last year. He started taking guitar lessons, has taken off in baseball and is the most polite boy you will meet. He loves greating people by name, giving hugs and being helpful.

A great John story was when we were at Sears for family photos and he heard a family speaking spanish near by. He turned to them and said brightly "Buenos Dias! Como Estas?"I turned stunned and said "John when did you learn spanish?" He shrugged and said "Well we hear it all the time I have just never had a chance to use it!" He loves to ask people how they are, what their workday was like and how he can be of help.
John learns to play ball 5 years old

At the Children's meseum John 6 with mom

John is so excited to be selected for Fall baseball this year and is the guy Sheff goes to to trade stats and talk sports. James and Mickey play a mean game but John is the one who has the head for the numbers and facts about sports.

James and John chopping wood

John wants to be a Priest who plays baseball. We are blessed to have a Priest in our life, Father Peter, who we know plays a mean game of basketball.  We are so lucky to have relationships with Priests where our kids look up to them and admire the faithful life they have chosen to lead....including sports & music!


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