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Lent 2013

Lent is a time to re focus, set goals to be just a little bit better and put faith on the front burner. This year we have added a breakfast prayer to our daily routine. For some reason we always pray at dinner but in the rush of morning, honestly in the stress of morning, we forget to give thanks. I love hearing what others are working on to be supportive and get new ideas for next year! Giving up shopping at Target has been a challenge and Nate giving up chocolate is a navigational experiment in the kitchen. James giving up sprinkles seems a bit light, and Annie's goal to study more is par for her course. Whatever the goals it is a great time of year to try something new. In the time of day I often find my self snacking instead of being productive I added a daily devotional. I have to admit week one is off to a rocky start for our personal goals (except Nate of course) but we have prayed each morning 10 strong. Small victories! Lent 2008 with our crown of thorns and baby

Daisy explains yogurt pants and being small

Daisy sits on the end of our bed and muses to me regularly. Lately I have been taking quick notes when a pint sized nugget of wisdom is shared. Daisy: I have not figured boys out yet, but I sure think deodorant helps them be handsome. Daisy and her little friend Abbey are playing with a wooden castle and have princesses going shopping.  Abbey declares she needs a silk dress. Daisy responds, " Well I hear your words, but that is not realistic. Lets go with something you can play in and washes up lickety split " Abbey looks a bit put out. Not quite the glam imaginary gown she was going for. Daisy: Preschoolers get away with things because they are small.  Me: Because they are small? What kind of things? Daisy: Well, they spill things a lot and ask for treats all the time, they also say they can't put their jackets on themselves. It is such a crock. Me: Daisy Eleanor! Where did you learn that word? Daisy: I can't remember I am small. Daisy: I want to b

Remembering Connie Otis

Honoring Sheff's Grandmother Connie Otis Constance Shepard OTIS  June 23, 1919 - January 28, 2013   To each of us memories are given  time passes gently from toes dipped lazily in the lake days turned quickly in calendars marking holidays special occasions in which the seeing is more important than the reason chicken recipes, philosophical wonderings small children  loving introductions commonality of knowing family being in a place simply to enjoy a story Written without rhyme and meter but with honoring intention Dedicated to Mrs James C. Otis (Connie) much love Mrs James S. Otis (Deirdre) January 2013 Above image is Sheff with baby Daisy Eleanor in Connie's outdoor pool, the children loved those visits and she loved watching their antics.