Looking forward to Cabin time this weekend. We have had a great first 3 weeks of summer. Lucy is entertaining the gang with her rolling explorations. Rolling from one to another and laughing at their antics.
Lucy Claire 4m

Sheff is busy trimming trees, cutting grass and doing other outside projects. If the activity makes him sweat he usually likes it. The bigger the tree to cut for firewood, the longer the ditch to dig for the patio, the happier he is. A good workout is when he can't see from sweating. I totally get the joy, I just find I have to be more moderate throughout my day in order to meet everyone's needs. If I go for a run I am zapped and not able to do the other 10 things I have to. Sheff seems to get recharged from intense work or exercise. Its  good to know your own temperament to be healthy and balanced!
Daisy helping Daddy in the yard

Wishing everyone a healthy and safe 4th of July!!!


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