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Escape and Imagination

I am phasing out a bit from blogging and attempting to sit down and write in, yes how Great Gatsby of me, a novel each day. Am I succeeding? Well, no not really but the thought is there and bits are forming. I want to figure out how to print the blogs I have done and make a book (shoot me a note if you have done this!) and take time to get a romance novel written before Lucy is out of elementary school. Once when I had a baby and 3 toddlers I remember standing at our kitchen counter back when we lived in Saint Paul and reading a biography on Nora Roberts. She wrote when she had two young boys in order to escape. I still can feel the tug of small chubby hand on my leg, the crusted over lasagna pan in the sink and baby I was juggling on my hip. As much as I adore my job 87% of the time escaping into a book is pure bliss. What housewife does not want to ride off to Saudi Arabia or sail the emerald isle? I have always had a stack of books by by bed, in my purse, dog eared next to the