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New Rhythms, Promise of Sunshine.

I have been away from my post a bit this spring. In part, how could anyone call this spring! And in part, it has been a more intense few months than we have had in a while. I am feeling the stress lift  bit after trying some new ideas around our abode. Sometimes treats are OK to brake up the winter blues!  We have gone back to the great goal of weekly dates with mom or dad, hot cocoa , a meal or the fav Freestyle Frozen Yogurt:) Sheff and I both love goals, life goals, family goals and fitness goals. We have goals to read books that teach us something new once a month, goals to try a new ethnic dish, goals to read a section of prayer together and discuss and of course goals to be better and more balanced parents each day. The cool thing for both of us is we very often reach these goals with the other person cheering us on. M & M in Florida, such a family bonding vacation for our family The early part of this year we both stunk at setting goals, a few pounds crept on,