Fathers day

Fathers day

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Corniea and Otis Boys, Mick, Tom, Mike, Mark & Nate
Happy 4th of July!!
Daisy 4, Bridgey 3 & Annie 9
Mark 5
We had a wonderful weekend visiting our friends the Corniea's cabin on lake Rainy, North of Brainard MN. It was hands down the sunniest, warmest weekend in 2011. What a blast!!!
The guys, Conor Corniea,  Steve & Mike,  Sheff Otis
Mickey & Annie swim off the dock
John 9, Mr Muscle
The slack line! John's birthday gift from Grandma Boo,
Daddy gives it a go over the water.

Nate 7, his birthday swim shirt
Daddy with sleepy Lucy Claire
James shows off his fish while Mike Corniea
and Annie look on

Daisy & Mark :)
Some highlights:

The whole family sharing one room, beds, cots, sleeping bags. Sheff loved hearing the chatter as children woke up. The conversations about highlights and ideas for the day's adventures.

Watching the Corniea and Otis kids bond and connect. Together we had 16 children 13 to 5m and they all played together. Cops and Robbers through the woods, grocery store with the tree house pulley, washing dolls in the lake, playing shark, fishing, playing with the baby and trying to keep up with little John who is 18m and a rascal

Sheff, Conor, Patrick and James went ATV dirt biking and had a blast.

Gretchen and I had time to chat and connect on kids, books, faith and family. Very grateful for good friends!

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