Our Book of Memories

Our Christmas Memories Book
Since 2002 we have kept a Christmas Memories book. Each year has room for notes, pictures and recipes from the year. In 2002 We had adopted James, and were pregnant with Mickey. We were in a tiny house in St Paul near Nativity. We had worked so hard making that house ready. We had purchased as is. I cleaned the fridge, scraped jello off shelves and helped Sheff strip wallpaper on every surface. By Christmas time we were so ready to enjoy some down time. Not that James at 3 believed in down time. We figured out how to use fishing line to attach the tree to the ceiling so his tackling attempts remained unfruitful. One of the entries "I hope some day our Christmases are filled to the brim with children.."
The entry from the year Mark was our Holiday gift 2005
Almost 10 years later the house is filled with Children, a new house that we stripped of wallpaper:) James is not tackling the tree, he is tackling his brothers. I made 32 cinnamon rolls this morning and 2 are left, kids are counting down the minutes until Church, Sheff and I are enjoying our coffee and the baby is napping.

Life is good. Hope your Christmas memories are sweet and that Christmas 2011 is an entry to cherish.


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