Christmas 2011, Sweet Gratitude

new slippers!

Mom & Dad attempt a photo..together! Thanks James:)

New scooter, new slippers the poise is all her:)

Dino Box, a mommy Christmas creation that was a huge hit.

Boys hard at work putting together Uncle Ty's Race Course. NBA Wii games,
Legos and yo-yos were also hits for the big boys

So mom REALLY liked her new Ugg slippers from Dad

boxing gloves (yes a theme going here) and American Girl Doll Dog.
Everyone showed gratitude and joy, although gifts are not the reason of the season, a lot can be learned with the giving and receiving of gifts. For children to be enthusiastic, sweet and genuine in gratitude brings great joy to the gift giver. Not every expectation was met, but in a quiet and loving way to remind the recipient that we need to be thankful for what we receive and enjoy the day with loved one is a valuable piece of this blessed holiday.

Lucy entertained by all the flying wrapping paper!
This year for grandparent gifts we donated to heifer International and the children did readings and a play about the gifts. We learned about how a flock of geese can change the livelihood of an entire village and bees can give a family sustainability. All the kids made pictures and acted out being water buffalos and bees when we presented the gifts that were donations in a loved one's name.

                       Merry Christmas!!


  1. ..and their play was adorable--with heifer masks and bee hives and staged reading!!


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