Are they all yours?

Our first mothers day I remember the sermon in Church, actually when we were living in Linden Hills, was about forms of motherhood. We had decided to adopt before having a biological child, but I was feeling unsure about how to explain our choice. Sheff and I remember the message of acceptance. The message that all children are meant for a family, that God's plans are bigger than our own if we had the courage to trust in a greater plan. That children can be born of our hearts and born of our bodies and be loved and embraced equally.

When someone asks incredulously, if they are in fact all ours, I know there are a plethora of questions behind the words. To me it is a chance to affirm all the children. To be proud in the declaration of family, to be territorial of my own, to teach them how our claim is as powerful a force as nature.

Sheff often uses it for a chance of levity, humor. I love us as a team because his "Do you have another one for us? We sure love kids." Is as important a response as mine. I am not as thrilled with the  "Why? do you need one?" That he has also been known to throw out there:)

Labor and birth is an amazing journey I have done 5 times in the last 8 years, adoption is no less powerful or painful having done 3 times in the last 9 years. I am grateful I may not look like I have had 5 children so close together or that the strains of international adoption have not turned all my hair gray yet, I think that might be the teenage years with 5 in high school at a time! And a future blog will be my theories on vitamins, water and how I wrap my stomach immediately after birth. But that is another topic!

Once at a pool a stranger asked the question and then proceeded to point out one of the children who she said was "darker" than the rest and the question came again " Are you SURE they are all yours?" You can see where my Irish temper flares up. With many eyes looking on I responded calmly "Yes, I am quite sure, I count my blessings each day, do you?" She was flustered but moved on, and the children smiled up at me knowing, fully they were mine regardless of the way God got them to my side.


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