All I want for Christmas..Is my van back!

We miss you huge van,  get fixed soon!
Well our Van seems to be broken. Things that are broken can be fixed, and my unflappable husband did all the right things and has gotten it to GMC dealer to get fixed up. BUT my van is broken and I feel vulnerable with out regular transport. Sheff left me his truck for part of the day so I can run and stock up on groceries and get ingredients for hosting Christmas. But I can't drive 8 kids in a truck, even a big truck!

Yesterday I was having a hard time. Thankfully good friends picked up my eldest, stopped by with cookies and forwarded me a beautiful song by Amy Grant. Having a worry in my life reminded me how rarely I am given an opportunity to show our kids how to deal with fear and stress on a real level. I could take the low road and say "Why me! and this stinks!" or I could rise above. Yesterday I did a bit of the self pity and felt overwhelmed. It is really hard to ask for help.

This stress is reminded me how essential it is to praise God when things feel impossible. How key it is to be a positive light for my kids when I feel worried. It reminds me to show them that when they have been unfriended, flunked or benched that the world does, in fact, go on. That in those moments of blue, especially in those moments of blue, we have to give thanks for the good stuff.

So we may or may not have our van back soon. We may be arriving in sets and pairs for a bit. I may have gotten a bit sad yesterday but it has been a gift to remember that trials give opening to the greatest faith.


  1. YOu are amazing. Again you look to the positive. We would be happy to help with transporting the Otis dozen. Oh and you should have called and you could have used the Explorer. You could get at least 6 Otis's in the Explorer! :} God Bless you and the little Otis's.


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