Flying Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

Many ducks to be kept in a row!
The Holiday season seemed to go off with a bang, like being shot out of a cannon.

Flying through the air at mock 10 trying to get projects done, collect for classroom parent and Catholic Charities family, juggle 4 boys playing basketball, decorating the tree and attempting to fill the house with cheer. Actually, it has been wonderful! Busy yes, but I am grateful to be able to work hard, to help when and where I can and to treat the Holiday season as a chance to get a little better at efficiency.

That said the blaring concern for me is making time for prayer. Making time for deep breaths and showing the children how powerful humility and grace can be in the midst of busy life. Seeing kids win and loose games, getting C and A+ work often happens at exactly the same time. I need to modulate my response, my encouragement, my firm resolve for trying harder and my praise for a job well done.

In church this week we talked about St Andrew being known for walking the talk, showing faith through his actions. As we get into a political time of year I worry about anger and judgment clouding people's ability to do good and be just in their actions. It is a test in character to discuss differences with poise, something I hope my children can learn to do.

Especially this time of year I hope to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, showing compassion and goodwill to those I encounter. Teaching my children that faith can be woven seamlessly into the daily life by walking the talk, going the extra mile to simply be kind people.


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