Overstuffed Chicken feeds the Great Pumpkin

Lucy is overstuffed, her nose that is not by the copious amounts of brightly packaged candy that she had fun kicking last night. The kids made a good haul. They had fun with costumes, oodles of coloring pages and finding Library books that were scary enough to warrant digging out an old nightlight. So on to All Saints Day today, Lucy has her first fever, it stinks and Mom is sleep deprived. Still the GREAT PUMPKIN still made it to our abode and ate all the candy. Well almost al the candy. The Great Pumpkin ate a whole stock pot of candy and the children each received a gift. We love this tradition. Hope everyone created some new memories & had a yummy treat to boot. Wish tidings of sleep for this mama pumpkin:)
Mickey's note to the Great Pumpkin and all the gifts left.
The kids all ate their fill before leaving candy for the Great Pumpkin to come eat.
We save a bit for treats and baking the other 75% is donated to food shelf.
Our Bumble Bee Princess


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