Duggars did not consult us on number 20

I am surprised, although I shouldn't be, that the Duggars having number 20 has set up camp in conversations I have had in the past week. My take on the Duggars is that they could benefit from a NFP class, or ecological breast feeding  but that they are a self sustaining brood who have some great ideas. Awesome recipe for Tater Tot Casserole. That said we are not hoping to make it past nine, I think we both were excited and surprised along the way to put it mildly, but adore our big brood. Interestingly, having a large family has pushed us into a minority position. Comments, being ridiculed, being yelled at in front of the children "Stop over populating the earth!" It has made us a stronger family and honestly more tolerant of difference. Usually the comments now are kind and I am so grateful about that.

We receive much praise and admiration for our large family. Yes each of those kind comments after church does in fact make our day:) And now that the kids are starting to be a bit older they are receiving praise in their own right for the choices and accomplishments that they own. I adore our friends with two kids, we have oodles of them and I learn something from them as often as they do from me. I do not judge a families desire to have children as long as the children are lovingly cared for, educated well and able to have a rich full life. I talked to one amazing inner city foster mom who said that the real tragedy was the kids without a place to go, with out  love and faith of any kind. It could be argued that the Duggars could adopt, walk the talk about blessings and children being flowers. Well amen! Bring a few lost flowers into your fold. I agree hands down. That said I will try now and always not to judge, not to proclaim our way, your way or their way the best.

May God bless and keep your family whatever size it may be.


  1. "I bet your readership would still like to hear your answer some day to thoughtful questions about world resources and over population." Sheff's initial thought was to adopt one child for every child we had. Financially and emotionally we had to discern when this plan was not possible. I do believe adoption speaks to this, being open to raise and love a child who would not have a chance otherwise. In terms of world resources I believe we are raising children who know how to work hard, are intelligent and will contribute to our community. I ned to educate myself further on world resources and how I can support my children knowing more than I do and making a difference. Sheff would likely have his own response as well. Thank you for the question.

  2. I am posting an email from a friend I received today

    "D~ As you know I am not a big fan of the Duggars but my reasons are more on the Earth sustainability side. I also know that you use thrift stores, cloth diapers and bulk foods. I know hands down you spend less on your 8 kids than I do on our two. I personally hate thrift shopping but think it is amazing how resourceful and dam* peppy about it you are. you are doing a great job of raising great kids and composting, cloth diapering and re using better than any other family I know. I am not going to support the Duggars but I will support you guys any day of the week."


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