I love Mondays

A few years before I took on Mondays with zeal
In fourth grade we had a camping trip, all you Waldorf kids remember these, they were fun and a bit haphazard:) I remember we had these Garfield Dixie cups and there was a cartoon about Monday. It was along the lines of terrible, horrible, nothing good occurs on a Monday. In my tiny feisty Deirdre self I remember thinking "Well then! I am going to make Monday my very favorite day!" And ever since I have been a practiced fan of the start of a new week.

At my wedding one of my closest friends gave a speech that spoke to the fact I am never very complacent when something is amiss. If I am late taking a route to work I will google the heck out that route and find a better way, if I gain weight I will read books on healthy eating from around the globe to get motivated, if my brain felt dull I would rent foreign language tapes to at least be able to have a taxi cab conversation. I can say "How many kids do you have and what are their names?" in a lot of languages. Some things are just in me:)

Monday to me represents the start of the mundane. The beginning of another week, well wait! Why not spice that up a bit. Create new patterns, new goals, new excitement about that day. It can be the beginning of a new way to do the old, just better!

Yes I am drinking coffee, but really I do like Mondays that much. I hope something mundane in your life can be turned upside down, inside out and made into a fresh start.


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