Hard Days Night

It is difficult to recover from a night where I feel like I just couldn't stay on top of everyone's needs. I remember being criticized for having a big family early on, being told I would never be able to keep up with all the homework and activities. I agree with the naysayer! Its true some nights just don't work. Sheff is coaching two teams this season and we are adjusting. He took the wrong vehicle and I couldn't get one to cub scouts. It stunk. Another has a math concept he just can't get. Two hours later I am seeing clocks in every portion of my brain. I managed to make a family favorite Tater Tot casserole and Pumpkin pie. I wish I could bake math problems and teach someone to fly to activities. Sigh. Usually I seem to hold things together. A bit of a vent.

I have a prayer journal I picked up before we were married that has notes through the years. I would flip open the journal, read the prayer and jot down what was going on. Now looking back over the last 11 years I find things like " Hope the adoption paperwork comes through before mothers day! 4-2002" and  "Worried about J learning to write his name" "Want to support Sheff, wish I couple help him more with Urban" " Feeling sick with this pregnancy how I am going to get M potty trained?"and so on. It is such a good reference point for the fact that this too shall pass and the beauty and forgiveness a new day brings.  

Me with little Kintergarden JSO
I think I will make a cup of tea, grab the prayer journal, leave the laundry, leave the mistakes and try to do a little better in the morning. Good night to all.


  1. Thanks Deirdre. Sorry you had one of "those" days. Your blog hits hoe to many of us moms out there. We all have these days! This to shall pass is very true, enjoy your tea, leave the laundry, and snuggle in for the night. XXOO, C

  2. Thanks C! It is important to note too that I so admire Sheff taking on everything he does! Supporting the family, helping me, coaching teams, wanting to be there for everyone, I could not do what I do with out my rock of a husband.


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