Markie Quotes

Markie Quotes

"Mom I am turning into a Lion. I knew it would happen. See? I have blond hair on my ears. I know it is small but it will get bigger and then I think I might get my claws."

I was at school to volunteer and saw a green thing streak down the Hallway
"Hey mom! I am the Hulk!"
"Oh my! Are you supposed to be green?"
I see the principle come out of the office to walk him to the bathroom to clean up. I duck sheepishly into another room, Mark winks at me as he walks by. The principle is very patiently explaining that painting oneself green is not, in fact, part of the uniform policy.

The kids get number at school if they have not been listening. He came home last week with a number. I asked what he did. "I was kissing apples" He responded. I look confused so he helps me out, "They were not REAL apples". Huh.

Getting into the bath
"I love hot baths because I am hot stuff." He then does a little dance and pretends his finger sizzles when he touches his tummy. I ask "Hot like temperature?" He guffaws "Mom! Things I say are hot stuff, things I DO are hot stuff. Some choices aren't super hot, but maybe warm. Like hitting is a warm choice" Me: "No hitting would be a cold choice if we are running with this theme". Mom you shouldn't run with stuff, running with scissors would be a cold choice. He then goes back to his hot stuff dance sizzling away.

Last night to Lucy
"I think you should sleep tonight, mom worked real hard getting you out of her tummy so I think it would be  a fair trade to not cry at her tonight" He is a pint size baby whisperer Lucy's fever broke and she slept, ah bliss.


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