Date Night

The W Hotel is certainly glam and Manny's has beef. We went to a dinner in honor of my Dad and we had a babysitter on a school night, unheard of! I recently read a wonderful book by Melissa Faye Greene , No Biking In The House Without a Helmet. Greene has a story of getting ready for a holiday party that touched home. The rituals children get to share when mom and dad get ready to go out. For the Greene's Dad had cuff links, for us Dad has to trip over 101 Polly Pockets in order to dig out a dress shirt from the little girl's closet. His pants that had been spot cleaned with a baby wipe and were hanging in the shower were soaked inevitably by some basketball player decided to shower. My steam system now requires a toss in the dryer where John left a piece of bread in his sweatshirt. The pants in question are now out of the question and another trip past the world of Polly is required. For the Greene's mom has her mothers pearls, for us mom debates if she can actually walk in those heals that match the fabulous thrift store dress she scored. The part that touched home in Greene's account was how sweet and excited the children were. Seeing mom and dad step outside life as caretakers and have a night out. The kids lined up on the bed giving opinion to clothes wanting a dab of after shave or perfume. And of course crowding at the top of the stairs when we come in to see how it went, if we had as much fun as our clothes promised.

The night out was fun, coming home to a cozy house full of kids who were waiting to kiss us goodnight was the best part. Mickey told us before he drifted off to sleep "I love to see you so beautiful and Dad so handsome, you guys should go out more often I really like watching a movie on a school night!" :)


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