Under construction!

Today we started Urban Tennis. The kids did really well and are excited to learn a new sport. Sheff is excited because this is a sport they can use for life and he loves the idea of future doubles matches with his own kids.

The biggest challenge is that our street is under massive construction. This means we have to park about a block away and carry all our things from the house to the car over lawns and mud ruts. A stroller doesn't work so I need to carry Lucy and have the kids all carry other things we need. Groceries are a trick, light bags and everyone pitching in. One blessing, I am going to be creative and work through the pantry. I see rice and beans in our future:)

The children all picked cherries off our cherry tree. I don't know the type but they are very sour and make wonderful jam. The kids have decided they want to do a jam stand and sell jam. I am hoping we can make jam for Christmas gifts this year, it would be such a sweet treat come the cold months of winter.


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