A busy Wednesday

A busy day! The day started with Tennis, Mark plays at 8 , Nate and Mickey play at 9, Annie and John at 10 and James at 11. Then we eat lunch at the park. We do our program with our friends the Cornieas which makes it much more fun. A couple of them came back with us and I thought quiet time would last longer than it did. I fed the baby tidied up the kitchen and it was time to get ready for the BEACH. We all ran around getting swim suits on and the bags packed and loaded back into the van. The beach was hot, splashy and perfect. Mark worked on making his moat he had talked about all day, James searched for stones to bring home to his rock polisher and the middle boys all dove head first into the water. Daisy was tired and kept trying to acquire anyone's bucket but her own. This proved problematic.

Eventually Daisy cozied upon a beach towel to watch the action and moat building. Lucy sat sweetly in the stroller watching the sun and waves. Annie ran back and forth between brothers. After the beach was when the too much hit. We had to make it home, get showered off, eat dinner and get to Mickey and Johns baseball game.

We made it home and everyone did a relay race in the showers. I had the first clean one out entertain Lucy whle I washed hair in the tub with the youngest. I had a bean soup in the crockpot thankfully, so I served that withcheese quesadillas. Then everyone piled back into the car, new water bottles, sand toys out, clean clothes on and we drove to the game. We got there 2 minutes to game time, not the best not the worst. The children did a nice job playing games in the shade to pass the time, I spent minimal money as Freezies were 2 for .25c, best deal in town!
Daisy & Mom at the Beach

John & Annie enjoy a summer treat
After the game ( well played by Mick and John) we were finally home. We had cereal for snacks and people did chores. It was Annie's night for kitchen and she got everything unloaded and loaded quickly.

Daddy made it home after 10 pm, they will all be excited tntell him about our busy day in the morning. I think 2 activities in a day is best, but I do love all the fun mini adventures, like the shower relays and fun stories in the car, that happen in the middle of a busy day.


  1. My busy day did mean I told Grandma Gay the wrong field to visit us for Mick & John's game, keeping these fields straight with 6 players has proven to be a challenge. Yikes, sorry about that. We love you Grandma Gay :)


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