It feels good to be thinking about blog posts again. After Daisy was born I felt swamped for a bit, we switched to cloth diapers, had more children join the ranks of sports players and had kids who needed help learning to read. I don't think I ever stopped and decided to not chronicle life, but a year or two passed and facebook replaced blogging for me, and Sheff starting his own company took all his computer time. Sheff and his partner Jay, co own Urban Rebuilders, a green remodeling company. He had to stop doing as much with Dadiator in order to get Urban up and running. He has found he needs to workout daily to maintain good equilibrium, but how and where he does can change. I encouraging him to journal, his commitment to working out and being available to his kids is admirable. I think America needs a bit more of a take back the family, Dads working out at home or with their kids. Going to the gym for hours at a time after a long work day builds distance from kids over time. It's not easy to stay fit and workout with kids but he is showing it is possible.

We finished a week of VBS, that the kids loved. I was able to volunteer and be part of the camp which made it more meaningful as a family. I loved hearing their take on what they were learning and how we could incorporate the weeks enthusiasm into the start of our summer.

Today Sheff has taken on baseball game driving and I am trying to catch up on the house. Getting the diapers in the wash, clean clothes put away, bills sorted and filed and a menu drafted for the week. Did a wonderful white fish and green bean dish with Ginger and garlic I will post sometime it was fresh and yummy.


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