Daily Life

This summer we are keeping our schedule as simple and efficient as possible. Having looked at what worked well each summer seems to be even more fun:) We need a schedule, kids thrive with structure and things to look forward to in their day.

Next week we are starting 5 weeks of daily tennis and then leaving for Maine for 10 days, car trip!! So that will create a new rhythm, but for an average summer day this is what we do:)

Kids feet don't touch the first step down stairs until
1. Teeth have been brushed
2. Nighttime pull-ups are in the cloth diaper pail (for the little ones)
3. A "sweep" has been done to check for dirty clothes on the floor or papers that need to be recycled.

Downstairs during the summer toons can go on , PBS and a few selected channels, we do not allow any "people" shows on kids channels such as i Carley and so on. Some content may be fine, but overall the tone with parents we don't approve of. During the school year there is zero TV Monday through Thursday and honestly it is easier!  Sheff often gets breakfast going. During the winter I try to put in slow-cooker Irish cut Oats overnight or do eggs. The summer cold cereal and bagels are more common. We have milk and eggs delivered fresh from a local farm, I really think non homogenized milk helps immunity.

After breakfast we do workbooks, math 3 pages and a humanities 3 pages. I can answer questions and pop around the table while I have my coffee. Baby Lucy is usually on me in a carrier or wrap. She is liking to be on a blanket or bouncy chair as well.

Then activity time, library, a walk to the park or group Costco trip. I usually go with all 8 because James is not ready to watch them at home alone, he will be soon and is looking forward to taking the CPR babysitting class now that he is 11.  They are usually good on outings, mom can be a bit worn out:)

Afternoons we play outside, have quiet time (books, books and books!) and get out art projects. They have all gotten interested in making camp bracelets and bead projects. Mark could do art all day long.

Chores fall into the after school time frame regardless of season. Kids take turns with the kitchen age 7 and up rotate days. Unload and  load the dishwasher, sweep, ionize (water with a chemical change very cool) the table and counters. Others have set chores as well and we try to get things tidy before dinner.

After dinner it is BASEBALL time, with 6 kids playing on teams and Daisy starting dance we are busy. Busy but it is oodles of fun to watch. We have moved up to a 12 pass GMC Savanna, it is wonderful to have. We do at least part of the Rosary each time we are in the car together. Often it is a Hail Mary or Our Father with everyone adding an individual prayer. It has made the running around meaningful.

Not the most poetic, but that is our basic daily rundown. And for me I am helping everyone with their work, chores and reading. The highlights of my days are hearing Sheff's voice if he calls to check in, cuddling the baby, seeing kids work something out together, watching them have fun together and the small moments of Grace that seem to sneak into each day.


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