Daisy Eleanor turns 4!

Donut cake!
Our little Daisy turned 4 on June 25, 2011. She requested a donut cake, what an easy way to serve a treat. Sheff and I had a bran/rye carmel concoction instead, he was game:) She received canvas bag for all her treasures that zips and color it yourself stickers, she was thrilled.

The day Daisy was born 4 years ago was very hot. We had gone for a walk that morning and picked daisies talking as a family about where mom would be going and who our new little sibling would be, wondering about personality and size! Turns out our gift of a girl is a tiny spitfire with great balance and a love for song. She has always been calm in Church (the only Otis other than Lucy I can say that for, oh hmm maybe Annie and Nate to, oh well, she is calm in church!) She loves the music and often can be seen holding up her arms following the choir direction.
On her 2nd birthday with her daisies that bloomed that morning

When I was in the hospital Sheff ran home and managed to plant 3 daisy plants by our front mailbox. They bloom each year with in days of her birthday. They remind me of both Sheff's amazing generosity of spirit when it comes to being a husband and father, and how each year Daisy seems to bloom.

Happy Birthday Daisy Ella, what a joy you are to all of us (even when you are spicy:)


  1. Happy Birthday Daisy, from your friends Oliver and Juliet! xoxoxo Auntie Lauren


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