Working Late, Working Together

Sheff came home for 45 minutes tonight and had to turn around and go back to work. He had to clean up a job sight so new work can start in the morning. Perks and pit falls of being an owner, harder to clock out mentally, if not impossible. Most nights all 10 of us sit down to eat together, not always at the same time, not always a perfect meal, but we are together. We might be late to dance, miss a study group, cut a meeting short but we make it happen. Sheff and I also are up very late, getting work done, being social, whatever did not get accomplished in the daylight hours.

Little workers age 8, 6, 6 and 5 building the play set out back.
Tonight, going back to finish up, Sheff took James. James can clean better than most adults, he is fast and strong, a good worker. Last summer he went to a job with Mick and John and they cleaned up debris after demo. I remember them coming back filthy and happy. I am glad when there is real work for them, kids need work as much as play. If it was all the time of course it would not be healthy, but when they know they are essential, needed and useful they truly take PRIDE in what they do.

Tonight James asked me quietly "Mom, can I go help Dad? I can cheer him up and get it done fast, please?" I am glad to send them off together. I know Sheff has to do what he has to do and if he is not here I love that he is still spending time with one of his kids. As these guys grow I know everyone will help out a lot as they all ready do. Laundry, the kitchen, shoveling, it is all a group effort.

Someday this work ethic will pay off for each of them, either way we are in it as a family:)


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