A Note

This morning the very last thing in the world I felt like doing was sitting down and reading the Bible. I was thinking of all the reasons I really shouldn't have to. Sheff is working all weekend as a site coordinator for basketball, thus I am solo with the 8 and, well thats a lot! And the house needs some love. Papers from 7 emptied Friday folders, cupcake crumbs, lonely socks under anything that has an under and the list goes on. There are emails to return, calls to make, bills to pay. You get the idea. Then I even started down the lane of feeling lackluster faith. How connected have I been? Maybe I need to change my Lenten goals because so far I am 2 wins 2 loss for days on track, thats not such a hot record.

What changed was a note on the fridge. One of the kids had written a note "Mom bible remember that  every day for Lent!" Every outlined in pencil by another sibling. So I took my coffee and plopped down in the middle of it all with my new birthday Bible from Sheff. Cartoons were on, a large box blanket fort was being constructed by my feet and Lucy was alternately kissing and biting my arm but I opened up to Joshua 23:16 and got to it.

In summary the message was it is wise to identify our weak spots before we break down. What a perfect message for me today. One of my weak spots is rationalizing away what I know I need to do. Also, letting mess and business take away from prioritizing prayer time.

The other amazing thing for me was how my sitting down and reading the Bible changed the energy around me. Questions of what I read, what it meant, lots of good job mom and way to go! Taking the time to show the kids I value follow through and how as a family we can really support each other's goals, all it took was a note!


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