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Lenten goals 2011
One of my favorite times of year is Lent because it is a chance to re set so to speak. Our family uses it as a time to clean house. Words that have slipped easily into our speech that are hurtful, or habits that are not helping us stay on top of our game we try to sweep out the door. Kids find things they want to work on and we write down goals as a family. We try to give up one thing and take on another.

Last year Annie gave up candy and took on playing nicely with Daisy. The best part is that new patterns are formed that stick! Annie and Daisy figured out they liked playing a pound puppy game that a year later they still go play and are engrossed for hours. Our bad language jar gets lean towards the end of lent, and creative putdowns are common "You hog nosed ninny wit!!"replaces other less imaginative slander. Sheff usually needs the most reminders to stay on top of his Lenten goals, but years ago Lent gave way to his first Triathlon.

This year I need a big push. I am feeling different aspects of life slide every which way. Too much time on catch up and not enough efficiency. I have put off cleaning my desk so long it looks like I am attempting paper sculptures and my lofty goals of re organizing the fire place room have been replaced with hopes of simply vacuuming said room weekly. Sigh.

This Lent I really do want to find new energy for the mundane.

Lent is also a time we try to eat simpler food, out with the processed snacks.
Time to shake off the complacency get a little better, a little cleaner in word and deed. Going to try reading Fly Lady, or other motivational cleaning & from scratch cooking web sights (send me ideas for this if you have them!). Going to use Facebook and Pinterest only when I am on the treadmill working out. We will stick to tradition of attending Mass at least twice a week during Lent with the kids. I am going to support my family as they brainstorm and outline their own goals.

It's all possible, I just need to push that re set button and get back to basics!


  1. "Hi there! Still haven't figured out google so sending you our comment! Does this mean you guys won't be going out as much? It seemed like you were having fun! We need to take you out, fly to California:) I know our mom and dad went out every weekend, they were part of a ton of clubs that all seemed to boil down to having a beer with friends. We all managed to get to church the next morning too. You and Sheff are doing a great job, clean house but go out it is good for you guys!"

    Well, if it is Doctor's orders:) We are loving being more social, that is here to stay. But with so many schedules, commitments and plain old STUFF I need to get more on top of the house. And Lent is such a great opportunity to get into good habits that have gotten lax. Thanks for the feedback and if we manage out your way we would love to go out for a beer and then join you for Church:)


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