Getting Out & Loving What's In

My first Pro Basketball game. Very fun I liked the big Slavics. 
Sheff and I have taken on a bit of college fever going out and remembering how to connect and laugh during the week on a regular basis.

It has been great. We have invited people out that we did not know and every single time it has been nothing but fun. It is so easy to get into habits of who we know socially, but the fact that Sheff's college friends are on the east coast for the most part and our extended families are not close by calls for a little effort. This has also been a chance to reconnect with our closest friends.

Then in the morning to wake up to these kids? The best part. Getting Lucy out of her crib, how sweet and soft her cheek is when I kiss her good morning. And the kids ask me who we saw what we did. We curl up on the rug with hot cocoa and coffee and they tell me the ins and outs of the night, each detail we missed. What the baby-sitter taught them about high school, which sibling started a fist fight, which sibling made peace. Who helped Lucy, who spilled, who cleaned it up.

Annie asked me what I thought was the most important thing about being a friend. I had to sit down and think about that one. Well I had to sit down because Lucy can now open the toilet and I wanted to pay attention to Annie while saving myself from Lucy's 3rd bath of the day:) I told her I think friendship is about loving someone up, at least my version. Remembering what they care about, asking about what they are worried about, helping them when life gets crazy, sharing your talents freely and generously. I also told her that friends forgive each other when they mess up and learn from the journey.

I am glad I am not a 10 year old girl, whew. She has a long road ahead. Its so important that Sheff and I show how we enjoy the kids, how we enjoy going out, how we simply and basically love LIFE. While at the same time teaching respect, generosity and service.

Maybe we don't have it all figured out, lets meet up and you can give us a few ideas. :)


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