Balance Dreams

Surfboard Balancing
After a very busy weekend the house can feel a bit like a pressure cooker. A big school event on Friday, a birthday party Saturday, going out, church and Scout adventure means not a lot of time to keep things on the grid at home.

I had a dream last night that I was chasing a bouncing ball with the words BALANCE written in large block letters. It would bounce from child to child, to Sheff, onto the desk, the laundry pile, back out of reach. All the while everyone is happy, having fun watching mom hop all over trying to get the ball. In the dream I felt content if not slightly giddy, feeling like as long as the ball did not hit the ground it would all work.

I don't need to delve very far into my psychoanalytic roots to know life in a family of ten requires a juggling act. I think needing to see the block letters, putting balance out there as what can't fail is important. Keeping kids feeling loved and happy while we manage is also paramount. I want to make sure there are moments we can put the ball someplace safe and take a breather.

Hoping for a week of well synced calendars, time for family highlights and all balls moving gracefully through the air.


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