Spicy Flower

Daisy is in a spicy phase. Daisy has me stumped. She has been nothing but sweet with Lucy and does a very nice job keeping her room picked up. The issue is likely keeping her own in a household full of "Bigs" what we have always called the school age kids. In part a gift of being in a big family is that we always have a reason for a refresher course. The older ones have been drilled on manners, eye contact, handshakes, church behavior, courtesy and chivalry. Now it seems Daisy needs a bit of boot camp.

After church today we role played different situations and what a polite response would be. Daisy's example was if a boy had a motorcycle and ran over a little girl's toe. I had to acquiesce that if that particular event occurred hollering at said boy would be appropriate. Sigh. Tried again and came up with a good example of not elbowing a brother at church. Small steps. Often I will go to sleep and make a mental checklist of where I need to spend extra time. Who needs some special attention and guidance. Then I will talk to Sheff and we will brainstorm a plan with one on one time, a story or passage that supports the goal and ways we can lead by example.

So, if you have a motorcycle don't run over Daisy's toe, I am trying to teach her manners:)


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