Nate the Knight

Nate with his first homemade scarf 4
Its Nate's turn! (everyone has a page, Mark is yet to come:) Sheff said it seems like people will often forget Nate's name in the line up, but those of you close to the family know how unforgettable Nate is. When he was born the birth was so wonderful we chose Nathaniel for "Gift of God" Nate is thoughtful, colorful, creative and unfazed by the peer pressure that seems to weigh on his older brother's minds. He has always loved playing with both girls & boys, but medeivel games involving nobel knights are his game of choice. When meeting an older family member (late 80s:) She commented "Nathaniel is the one I would choose to take to the Opera" Nate loves reading and seems hungry for cultural knowledge. I was worried about him learning to read but it seems a light switch went off in his brain at age 6 and he is the one who pleads for library visits. His first books of choose were Nate the Great. I see him liking the Sherlock Holmes books when he is older. His was able to do a few readings in church last year and proclaimed he was going to be a priest. We will see, he really wants to see Rome after seeing photos of his Dad's trip to Italy. And writes stories about hosting parties ( not kidding he has host lists and To Dos) at the Eiffel tower and Scotland Yard. Slightly different venues but leave it to Nate to get the meal planning and entertainment just right.
Nate always likes to look dapper, Christmas 2010

Nate loves to ripstick, he is the fifth in line to get it down but now keeps up with the gang. This is also his favorite outfit, camo on camo.
With Annie and Lucy, of all the boys Nate is the most versatile playmate and plays for hours in make believe lands with his sisters.


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