Getting to Maine, Trip part 1

The drive out was an adventure. We decided to figure out out camping as we went. We found a KOA after an 11 hour push. The first night we stayed outside Toledo OH and the second, very fun camp sight, in Herkimer NY. We stumbled upon an amazing park near Herkimer in upstate NY that had a skate park! We had the rip sticks ( curved skate boards, tricky to balance on!) in the back of the van and our find ended up the first highlight of our trip! The five oldest used the ramps and raceways for an hour while the 3 youngest enjoyed a picturesque park.

Camping was a blast. The first night was comical because we had to set up in the dark having never set up our 10 person tent prior:) Sheff actually called our good friends who have the same tent to figure out where the directions were. It took awhile but Sheff is awesome and the tent went up. Lucy had her port a crib in the tent and slept like an angel. We have decided we need some extra sleeping bags and mats but overall we did so well on the fly.

We made it to Maine on Monday having left on Sat. We had a fried clam dinner and set up camp by my parents cottage on the sea. The crashing waves made for poignant dreams our first night on Bailey Island.


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