Parenting Choices

We are trying to make some big choices for our kids and it is not an easy task! It is always hard with the oldest because that is the only real roadmap you have as a parent. I always say if I was propelled back in time I would be the luckiest mama around, all these strong hardworking kids. But in our century, the measurement of personal success being in part activities and clubs, it is very difficult to support achievement.

If I could say, "Go build a cabin, find food to eat and make sure those other people don't die on your watch" my oldest son would thrive. Now same child say, "Keep your papers in order, keep your locker clean, dot your I's cross your T's and research this abstract subject" and you'll find him outside shoveling. He really loves to work hands on and he is very smart at the engineering side of any problem. He makes truly amazing origami, is technical and a natural athlete. But he is struggling and it breaks my heart. It really does.

Decisions for him, and for the other kids are difficult. Where will he and they be supported, challenged and guided? How many travel sports should kids participate in? How much should parents help with homework? Is a B student who did not receive any guidance really an A student in today's helicopter world? How can I use my energy to best serve my kids needs?

If anyone can answer those questions feel free to let me know I will buy you a glass of wine, or a beer or a cup of tea. See? I am willing to go down different paths to support friends, and to support my children. If only each path was clearly labeled.

Praying for a clear mind and time for conversation with my always level headed parenting partner.

Looking forward to the light and levity of spring.

May I always be a mother that supports the beauty &
difference each of  our children brings on this journey of parenthood.


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