Faults and Hugs

We all have our faults. At a women's weekend away a few of us self diagnosed our biggest weakness. Guys would be talking about cars, here we are doing self help with our wine!

It seems fitting a blogger and mom of many would have the fault of over sharing. I know I have many faults so no need to send me messages, "Deirdre we really think adding green things to brownies should be high up on the list!" I have taken that one into consideration.

I realize there are upsides to being someone who always seems to say too much. One upside is I truly adore people, I am an extrovert and if I see you at the store or park I will genuinely want to chat! I will also likely tell you about my latest recipe failure, what kind of wood we have chosen for the new house and that I hate pairing socks. I love hearing about other peoples lives, struggles and triumphs. I hug all the time, last tournament a hugged a referee. He did say he loved big families but perhaps someone else might have just given a high five:)

When I recount highlights from a typical day it is the small connections, some of which might not have happened if I did not blurt out to a random person "You are rocking those skinny jeans I could never pull off seafoam!"

Downside of over sharing, sigh, is well wishing I hadn't.

It can make people uncomfortable and it can make my kids late for the next activity when mom is gabbing with the new mom of twins at the gas station. I do get it.

Thankfully, in this phase of life I have been blessed with some amazing friends who are willing to hear the ins and outs of the mundane along with the profound.

As much as I am both acknowledging and trivializing the behavior I am fascinated with change. How do we set goals and create new habits? How do we read what others need from us and how do we have a meaningful relationship? I am grateful to have people in my life who will tell it like it is. And I think working on things as a mom allows my children to see the power of self discipline. I am absolutely terrible at Minnesota nice, I would much rather hash things out Irish pub style until of course we are hugging and over sharing.

I promise not to ask you at the coffee shop what your biggest personal fault is, but if you happen to share I will be all ears.


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