Flying cups, potty training toddlers & POOLSIDE soon!

This is one of those mornings where juice cups have been flying at siblings heads, coffee spilled on my favorite clean socks (the cushy ones from Costco) and someone managed to pour sand on the kitchen floor. Sand in March in Minnesota. It is like they find ways to be creative with mess. Lucy is potty training which adds another level of minor disaster to the everyday.

Spring break is upon us and this year we are excitedly leaving our house to a competent house sitter and hitting the balmy island breezes. I am guessing the house sitter will create less chaos than eight kids, so the house will be in good shape. What an adventure to pack for 10 and embark on a holiday mid winter.

James reminds readers this was when he was 11 and thus his pipes are simply not what they are now:)
Right now Nate is lining up pieces of paper with everyones names in the living room. Each person is putting their proposed travel items by their paper and then we will discuss the yeses and nos. We pulled out the summer bin and tried on flip flops and crocks. This may be where the sand originated, still not quite sure. Next we plan color days, yes dorky but an Otis tradition they all expect.

I am feeling a mix of overwhelmed and grateful. Praying for God to bless this vacation with fun, connection and perhaps a moment to read a magazine poolside. If this happens to be your spring break as well, wishing you and yours blissful R &R free from flying cups and potty training toddlers.


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