Good Books, Margaritas & Kids in the Sun

Posing with a skeleton, the story is a sailor who waited FORVER for some big shrimp the kids got a kick out of acting bored, because they never are of course:)

Getting around cart style & very fun Mexican
place where you eat under a canapy of banana trees!
Suitcases to unpack, cream to rub on red noses and photos to upload. We are home and sleepy and missing the sunshine. This trip for our gang was especially wonderful. We had so much pure, messy FUN in the sand, in the water and even charades in the hotel room. Back to the basics of enjoying ourselves as a family and bonding with Grandma and Grandpa (Deirdre's parents). Also, visiting Uncle Steve and Aunt Marian further down Captiva Island The kids thought it was pretty cool we could only reach them by boat!

We had amazing weather, even on the blustery days we were able to jump waves and collect shells on the beach. The kids loved the Bubble Room a famous restaurant with kitsch galore. They thrived on the positive feedback and did really well moving efficiently as a big group in busy situations!

All the kids helped with Lucy in the water, she seems a day away from swimming already. Daisy and Mark were like fish this year so we could soak our toes in the pool while they played. Not being a big swimming it was nice to have such self sufficient kiddos. One downside we used sun block that was not water proof the first day on some noses (Mark & James!) and yowzers did they burn. Who makes non waterproof sunblock? Not helpful for a busy mom. But all in all we had a healthy and happy vacation!

Here is proof mom actually read, and finished two books in 5 days. Maine was a wonderful family drama reminding me of summers on Bailey Island and feeling grateful for a kind mother! 

The children were gems and happy to fight :) and play in the pool and ocean waves all day long. Remembering and appreciating every moment!

Hoping this vacation's heat and happiness can roll us into spring.


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