Sports Highs and Lows

Sports start early around here:)
One of the kids received some sports news today that was mixed.

Initially I went the direction of a "little league mom" and thought the breakdown did not seem fair. Then the more I thought it out I realized how key my reaction to the news would be. When he emailed me from school (a new development!) it was my turn to spin the news. Great news, you are going to have a rock solid B team this year! Not A not C, this will be a fun year.

When they got home from school he was feeling a little disappointed, said his highlight was seeing Lucy.

We talked on the front stoop. He said a plus of family is you can feel bad, mess up, and say all the wrong things and there is still a house of people that love you. In this case he really did not do anything wrong, but that is how he feels which I need to respect and process with him. We talked about how to work out disappointment and how to celebrate the parts that are good. Not making the team he wanted to make will turn out to be a blessing. He will have fun, grow and give it his all.

As a mother my job is to love my kids up, to support them and encourage them. The kids job, especially in athletics, is to do their best and grow as individuals. They will win and they will loose. Over time it is the attitude, follow through and conduct that will stay a part of them as they emerge from the chrysalis of childhood into the wide wings of adulthood.


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