Back to School & New Routines

We are back in school. Lunches being packed, folders being checked, kids being quizzed and uniforms being washed. This first week is always such a blur of activity, I think I should feel more on top of the new routine than I ever actually do a few days in.

The kids all seem to be in great spirits. James is now middle school, in 6th grade. I have to get him a locker divider deal today! John & Annie are in 5th and poor Annie is already reminding John about everything he needs to get done. She stays up late after sports and goes over everything twice,  he gets oatmeal on the pages rushing through in the morning while Annie raises disapproving eyebrows. Mickey is in 4th with new kids in his class, this seems like a big year for him. Nate is in 3rd and over the moon to be back in school. Markie is in first and had 2 green light days and one yellow (warning). James' sage advice to Mark,"Dude get green in class and save red for the football field" So far so good.

The little girls are home with me, Daisy has preschool a couple mornings a week and Lucy is learning new words and ideas daily. This is a stage of development I wish I could capture in a bottle. Everyday is so new and it is a joy.

So off to the races. Back in the game. We also are living on football, baseball and soccer fields. It is busy, it is great and I have a dancing night on Sat when I won't be mom for a few hours, as much as I love life as homemaker getting out makes me able to tackle my job with new energy.

Happy Back to School to ALL!!


  1. Sounds amazing, love to hear how the kids are all blossoming! Can't believe Mark is already off to school,, time does fly!


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