Mom Might be an Alien...or Immigrant?

Feeling the back to school burn. After kids are in bed I try to run on the treadmill to clear my head. Wednesday night I hear a conversation start up in the hallway. Kids sitting outside bedrooms. I run in the spare bedroom at the end of the hallway. Spare bedroom? They all prefer to share rooms :) They think I am tuned into my music and not able to hear them. I took notes.

John: I think mom might be an immigrant
I can hear the pause, maybe James did not hear him, James doesn't pause he talks.
Mark: Mom is an alien??
Mickey: No dummy, an immigrant, like you know from Ireland.
Mark: Oh, she does eat a lot of green things but she is not green.
James: What are you morons talking about?
Annie: John thinks mom is an immigrant
John: I was reading this book...
James: I guess miracles do happen..
A pointed silence or someone whispered Shut up, can't hear perfectly over the treadmill whir
John: Anyway the mom in this story always tells the kids "Remember! You represent the family!" when they leave for school, she goes to church ALL the time and makes food that will help bones be strong.
A collective OHHH from the kids
Annie: And she does make us eat foods other kids don't have to eat
Mickey: This might explain somethings, but did she take a boat? And what type of immigrant is Dad?
John: I don't think Dad is an immigrant
James: I think everyone out here is a moron
Annie: not very helpful
Mark: What do we do about it
John: I could finish the book I guess.
I hear someone come down the hallway.
Nate: You guys are supposed to be in bed, none of you have brushed your teeth and I just tripped on football gear. You guys are terrible, Dad said if anyone is up when he comes up you will be on kitchen for a year.
Mickey: Clearly Nate is an immigrant too.


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