Lucky for Mess

Thank you Lord for all the gifts in my life, for all the mess.

This morning finding baseball pants while tripping over football gear while searching for winter clothes for the little girls I felt a bit overwhelmed. I have 10 bins of clothes to switch, uniforms, winter gear, church clothes, a whole bin of khakis, and then the sports and dance bins that keep multiplying. It was a moment of "I really can't do this all and still be a balanced human being!" You know those moments,  when the sheer to do list outweighs the looking forward to list by a page.

I found the baseball pants, tossed shoulder pads into the labeled football baskets (They have the bins, why don't they use them?) and found fleeces to put off turning on the heat one more day. Downstairs Sheff had made coffee. He had to hobble to do it, if anyone has noticed he looked a little gimpy Friday night he had a nail go through his foot during the day, he pulled it out and is good for tetanus (yes he went in) but even tough guys limp. Coffee made, foot propped, kids cozied up, baby spilling oatmeal on the floor.

Sometimes I think they should actually live in a barn, with Lucy's beloved Moos.
It is a lot to maintain, it is a heck of a lot to clean up after, it is a pain to cook for, but what a tremendous blessing. Eight healthy kids, kids who can make mess, lose and win games, fight over toaster strudel are not to be taken lightly. As I trudge through the to do list of the season change this year I am focusing on how much I love fall, on how dang lucky I am to deal with this mess.


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