Spring Break

Spring Break!

Sunday was the perfect kick off with near 70 degree weather. The sidewalk chalk came out, bike tires were re pumped with air and rip sticks were extracted from a pile of underused sleds. Kids made forts, climbed sappy trees and acquired as many mud stains as possible. We gathered after dinner on the rug, edge of the couch, upside down on the ottoman to outline our break.

Daisy telling Lucy about all the fun we are going to have over Spring Break!
All the kids had a chance to share what they wanted for break. A fun meal, an activity, a play date and crafts. We are headed overnight to a water park hotel midweek (great rates!) that has an indoor park and arcade. We have a Grand Slam night scheduled with dear friends. We are going to go to Arty Pants at the Walker Art Center and date to take a turn around Como lake on as many wheels as possible. The goal at Como is to not take out innocent bystanders. We are having a play date party, where the kids get to invite friends and we plan activities such as a St Patrick's day craft, make our own personal pizzas and get a chance to jump on the trampoline after missing it all winter. Lastly mom has some spring cleaning goals that hopefully get a opportunity to slip in amid the fun:)

Spring break 2007 :)
I have had a lot of kick up my dancing shoes nights lately but not missing any daylight with the kids is essential. They are number one and hanging out with them this week will get me focused on summer so I can start planning. The summer camp insert came out this weekend, yikes! Hope everyone has a fun and creative spring break!


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