Barbie Church, Green 12 Step Programs & 26 bones in the foot

Life has been so busy lately I thought I would share some levity:) Here are some quotes I have jotted down from the mouths of Otis babes.

M: Mom I used self control today!
Mom: Oh honey I am so proud of you! What happened?
M: I choose not to kiss the wall!

J: Did you know there are 26 bones you can break in your foot?
Mom: What? Why? Whose foot did you break?
(no one broke a bone it was just to raise my blood pressure apparently)

N: Is it OK for D's Barbies to go on dates if the only place they go on the dates is to Church?
(He shows me the church he has made from blocks and a broken crucifix and a scantily dressed Barbie making eyes at a Beach babe Ken. Neither looks pious despite their surroundings)

J: I really like red foods.
Mom: That's weird thing to say
J: No, you really like green food like spinach & that drink you drink. I like catchup, twizzlers and those red chips.
Mom: Well, my green deal is about health.
J: Yup! That might be your problem mom.
(Previously I did not know I had a problem. I think all Otis kids would like me to enter a 12 step green recovery program and feed them red Dorittos & candy, eliminating my favorites)


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