Dancing Around the House

Dancing at a wonderful wedding after Daisy was born, we had 7 under 8 at this point in our family.
That is little Annie, Preschooler Nate and Big Baby Mark.

Yesterday I danced for a hour, kids joined in, peeled off, asked for snacks but I kept it up and it was a great workout.

Needing motivation to eat well, exercise, drink water and be an overall balanced person can take a little brainstorming. Sheff and I both go in patterns of what works, what does not. When he gets in Triathlon shape he is at his fittest. After my first birth we did Body For Life as a couple. The best part was the intense 20 min sessions that really worked. At this phase I find long walks, dancing and relatively good food choices makes the most difference. After Lucy I set the goal to find more energy and fit into a pair of jeans I stuck in the closet. It helped to look at them after long nights up with the baby and long days managing all the kids. Gave me a little jolt of motivation.

My new goals this month are breakdowns of core strength. The kids are used to me rolling around on my balance ball and doing little dance moves through the house with occasional lunge. I do my best to block the TV so they have to get up and try to move me. Then I put the i pod on the couch and teach them dance routines. No one will admit it, but mom's goals are fun.


  1. So that's how you're doing it. I just assumed you were at the gym all day between bouts of guzzling hotness potion. And the dance thing explains coming home the other day to a chafed-face Mick practicing "baby freezes" on the living room floor. Dance on, Momma!


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